Saturday’s are for family, friends and food! I try and keep a pretty strict regime of healthy eating and gym session during the week so I love to treat myself on the weekends. Also heading out for a nice lunch or dinner gets me inspired to dress up a little.

I’m all about the neutrals, don’t get me wrong I enjoy colour but black and white its where it’s at for me. These white jeans from Levis are AMAZING! They are the wedgie fit in chalk white.

Paired them with a black satin open back top and a flat black sandals, such essentials in my wardrobe! To add a little something extra I wore my leopard print bag that I recently had made in a leather shop in bali – convertible into clutch too!



I believe every girl (and guy) needs the perfect pair of black boots, they go with EVERYTHING! Jeans, dresses, skirts…well you get the gist.

I believe every girl (and guy) needs the perfect pair of black boots, they go with EVERYTHING! Jeans, dresses, skirts…well you get the gist.

Having that perfect pair is so amazing…finding them on the other hand is a totally different ball game. There are so many styles to choose from and as trivial as it may seem to some, finding the ones can be a mission! Personally I like pointed/almond-shaped toe, medium block heels and for them to be fitted around my ankle. It’s all about the fit and for me if they are not narrow enough and too loose on my ankles then they are not the boots for me. that being said to each their own and you might like a completely different style to me, that’s what is so great about fashion!

Here are some of my picks for this upcoming season, Australians like me will know the struggles of being in the opposites season cycle to a lot of our fashion inspirations. I’m heading into Autumn currently but I am a believer that you can wear boots almost all year round – especially in places that are nots as blessed with constant sunshine like Australia (not that that is a bad thing its the end of march and still feels like summer here!)

Black ankle boots1.jpg

  1. Zara – Leather High Heeled Ankle Boots ($159.00)
    These boots have an almond/round shaped toe and the perfect mid high block heel, also the leather is a mix between classic and patent – hard to describe but I have seen them in person and they are beautiful. 100% cow leather, affordable and accessible because Zara is everywhere and now has an online store for Australia!
  2. Senso – Sabine ($345.00)
    I absolutely love these boots but they are defiantly a love them or hate them kind of shoe. My mum thinks they look like “witch shoes” but I disagree. look up their Instagram and see them styles…stunning! Anyway these are more of a style pic, not personally my choice for an everyday black boot but if you are looking for a classic investment piece with a little extra something then these are the boots for you.
  3. RM William – Yearling ($545.00)
    These have to be my favourite thing I own (besides my handbags)! Now I know they are expensive but so worth the investment. These boots are extremely comfortable, classic and wear like a dream. My mum has had a pair for as long as I can remember and they still are in beautiful condition. These are not boots you have for a few season, you have these for years and years!
  4. Tony Bianco – Brazen ($219.95)
    I want these boots and they will be mine! These here are my perfect boot, pointed toe, perfect block heel and they are fitted around the ankle. The top of the boot is unfinished leather so they are very soft and comfortable around your ankle, I may have tried them on a few times but can bring myself to buy them when it’s still summer outside and I have so many shoes. Regardless these boots are on my must have list.
  5. Country Road – Melody Pointed Boot ($279.00)
    If you are looking for a high thinner heel then these are my pick. I prefer a more chunky heel for comfort but there is something beautiful about these shoes. I own a few other shoes for country road and they are all amazing quality and have worn beautifully.
  6. Zara – High Heeled Ankle Boots ($69.95)
    Now these are my affordable “fashion” pair. If you already have a classic pair of black boots that you love these are good to add a little extra to an outfit. They have a shaped block heel and zip front, non leather so good for a seasonal style piece that is kind on your wallet.

These are just a few of the never-ending sea of black boots out there, so if none of these tickle your fancy I am sure you will find a pair you love!


Bruch! I don’t think I have ever met someone who doesn’t love brunch…right?

Read more to see what I love wearing on casual comfy, Sundays!

Bruch! I don’t think I have ever met someone who doesn’t love brunch…right? This Sunday I picked my parents up from the airport so we decided to swing by The Grounds of Alexandria on our way home. Why not when you are in the area!

It’s always super busy there but the place is so beautiful I don’t mind waiting around for 20 minutes for a table, plus gave me some time to get some pictures.

I am all about comfort on Sundays and also had to get up super early to be on time to the airport, hello traffic central! I threw on my current favourite pair Levis 501’s with a white embroidered t-shirt from Zara. Added my go to black belt, sandals and this cute bag I got recently for country road. This is going to be my new traveling bag for sure!

Casual and comfortable, this is basically my Sunday uniform.